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Mobile Culture Experience

We are Music, Dance and Art visiting your city.

Image by Hanusch, cie.Tauschfühlung, Bianca Anne Braunesberger and Vito Vidović

Music, Dance & Art

It is in the here and now that we all have the possibility given to create awareness lending another fresh hope and strength.

Mobile Culture Experience takes place open-air only and under strict up-to-date health precautions. 

It is a travelling stage lending you the possibility to watch live Music, Dance & Art by our local community.

All performers are either being tested regularly or vaccinated.

Why is strengthening our community more important than ever?

Feel invited to stop for a moment and ask yourself: What does culture mean to me? What is it? What does it exist of?

Which traditions do we care for? Which new things do we let in and love developing? What are we without it? We love entertainment. We love dancing, listening to music, building and collecting pieces of Art. We enjoy good food with our families and friends and are looking after a healthy mix of our traditions as well as finding new, alternative ways to live and share our experience in this life.

Culture is therefore nourishment for our soul.

Culture means us. Being human.

We all care for cultures throughout countries as well as for the one we live in. At least, would this not be an ideal goal? In such challenging times like these, where really hardly anything still seems the way it was, let’s try and find some ways together to keep this life a place worth living for whilst making sure we stay healthy. As soon as we’re starting to live more aware we keep our cultures alive in more ways we had ever thought of: Socially, reformative and financially building our existence.

Mobile Culture Experience  is going to visit your city and town with an open-air stage giving another the possibility of interexchange as well as the chance for revitalisation.

Connecting craftwork with Music and Dance. How it works:

Selected pieces of art such as hand-made jewellery, ceramic, pottery, fired clay and more will be available for purchase in a mobile booth. You may also find merchandise material to browse through and make your choice online.

All live gigs and dance shows are going to happen outdoors and under all up-to-date health precautions and permissions.

Music and Dance

Mobile Culture Experience  presents

the Modern Dance & Music Company:

Cie. tauschfühlung

Production & Artistic Direction

by Bianca Anne Braunesberger.

Image by Hanusch, cie.tauschfü

as well as

the musician & singer-songwriter

Tina Mali

Image by Luis Coelho,

“So Close” by Tina Mali
“Where Do You Come From” by Tina Mali
Filmed by Richard Honey Films:

more films on Youtube:

and the eclectic electronic music duo


Image by ADO

QUOD: The electronic music duo from Vienna. Stefan Zotter & Bianca Anne Braunesberger build the musical union with a unique expression and the focus on the theme of Life and Death, a journey to more consciousness.

QUOD roots / powered by tauschfühlung Official QUOD musicvideo / Concept, Choreography, Cutting, Costume&Make up: Bianca Anne Braunesberger Dance: Vito Vidovic, Camera: Christoph Braunesberger


Where & When

will Mobile Culture Experience be in my city or town?

Image: ,,entdistanziert” by Cie.tauschfühlung, directed by Bianca Anna Braunesberger. (Show before Corona)

Here you will receive all updates what date and in which city of Niederösterreich the Mobile Culture Experience is going to take place:


Cities: Korneuburg: tbc, Gföhl: tbc,

Your Artwork can be exhibited on the page Ihre Kunstprodukte in the menu.

To apply please feel free to email us.


Image by Hannah Judah Photography

Tina Hamböck, MA Arts, founder and director of Mobile Culture Experience – Mobiles Kultur-Erlebnis, small business owner since 2004

“On a daily basis I see artists who have practised their craft hard and that for innumerable years. Many of those have met and pushed through their limits more than once. Nurturing and supporting your talent has always been an immense challenge.

Now it isn’t a question of fame or popularity. It has become a necessity and everybody deeply understands and has experienced that live entertainment isn’t just something appearing at the push of a button.

Mobiles Kultur-Erlebnis is not meant to be a rebellion.

The project provides a cultivated framework. The artists’ work isn’t only offered digitally but also there where it meets and touches the audience actively hopefully creating space for new movement and inspiration. Awareness and teamwork.

The project has been found to establish development and growth.

We are in touch with cities and councils of Niederösterreich who are aware that the craftwork of our artists are as unique as the moment we live in.

We are looking forward to receive your message be it to stay in touch or to support your artistry here on the page and at the live shows in the individual cities.

Mobiles Kultur-Erlebnis is going to visit your city with an outdoor stage bringing music, dance and art closer to you.

I’m especially honoured to be working with the interdisciplinary artist Bianca Anne Braunesberger, the founder of cie.tauschfühlung:

Modern Dance and musicians of the finest; artists with international stage experience.

In the name of the entire team of Mobiles Kultur-Erlebnis I wish you a warm welcome!”

Tina Hamböck


If you are interested in taking part in the Mobile Culture Experience to exhibit and offer some of your hand-made artwork for purchase in one of the cities of Niederösterreich, please get in touch via the contact form or email us on:

We look forward to hearing from you!

Please read before entering the fest

The official 3G-rules:

Concept of Prevention 2021

+  3G-rule: from the 15th August for permission to enter you must bring an officially valid Covid-19-test with a negative result or the official written proof of the second Anti-Covid-19-vaccine that has taken place at least 21 days ago (exception for Johnson & Johnson: one vaccine is valid) and no longer than 270 days or own the official proof having fully recovered from covid-19 that is no older than 3 months.

  • There will be no tests done at the place of event.
  • We recommend wearing a covid-19-mask in the area of the event at all times.
  • In case of an indoor event (due to bad weather) you must wear a covid-19-mask until you are seated and we recommend you wearing it throughout the indoor event.
  • The protection of the visitors between the artists is given through the distance between stage and public area at all times. The visitors are obliged to keep the official distance to all artists’ areas like dance carpet and stages. 

+  Artists must also abide by the official 3G-rules.

+  Please follow all instructions given by the staff at all times and pay attention to information signs and official advisories. 

  • You must keep the distance to people outside your household and avoid traffic, especially at entries and exits as well as near and around the stage and booth areas.
  • Please abide by the commonly known rules of hygiene and sneeze etiquette. Wash and disinfect your hands frequently. Disinfectants are available.
  • You must not enter the event if you:

    –  feel ill and if you cannot exclude being infected by the corona virus

    –  if you are ill

    –  if you have had contact to a covid-19-diseased person

    –  have any suspected cases of diseased persons in your close social or work area 

Thank you for your support, for following your duties and your responsibility. 

Changes of the procedures above are subject to governmental guidelines or loosening.

Tina Hamböck,
MA Arts

Image by
Hannah Judah Photography

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